Sunday, January 13, 2013

In This Wonderful Life: Featured Blog

Welcome to this week's Featured Blog! Hopefully you'll enjoy finding some new blogs as well as getting to see some of my finished products! This week the spotlight is on In This Wonderful Life. It is no secret that Megan from ITWL is one of my bestest besties! We have know eachother for nearly a decade and she is married to one of my OLDEST friends (her hubby's momma and my momma have been best friends since kindergarten!) Megan has the sweetest boy/girl twins and they are the stars of her blog. But there's so much more... Decorating, entertaining, shopping, cooking... You name it! Not only is she so super talented in many ways, Meg also has one of the biggest hearts in the world. Love her to pieces! Take a peek...  You'll be hooked!

Thanks, Megan, for letting me design a blog that is worthy of its content! You are the best!

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