Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summertime... And the Livin's Easy.

We are back in business, y'all! I am working hard to get everyone caught up and through the list. If you haven't heard from me and you think you should have by now, PLEASE email me as somethings were scrambled during the Great Laptop Crash of 2013. Love ya!

Also, check out In This Wonderful Life... She might have a special for you ;)


  1. Hi Jessica, I left a comment yesterday but now I'm not seeing it.... I found you through Megan, and I was just curious what the "basic blog makeover" includes? And it would be $35 with the midweek randoms special? Thanks!

    Jenna Hansen

  2. I just popped in from Megan's blog about your birthday sale! Will you email me?

  3. I saw Megan's post about your birthday special, as well, and I'm curious about the details. What does a full layout entail? Thanks!

  4. I filled out the form for a blog makeover and haven't heard back. Did you get my info? Or should I resend it? dmlivingston at ymail dot com

    Thanks :)


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