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Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for You

dog and hooman

Having a pet can give you quite a busy routines of grooming and exercise. Some dogs can get easily irritated and depressed if they are stuck indoors for a long time, while some other can well adapt to the situation. A particular breed has a set of signature behaviors. And in this writing, we are going to discuss the breeds that require the least maintenance to stay healthy and playful.


RottOriginated from Germany and used to be a farmer’s companion, Rottweiler has high intelligence and is a quick learner. It is the dog breed that has been known to take the roles of a watchdog, rescue dog, and police dog.

Their coat just needs a couple of brushing in a week, and occasional nail trim is also required. But Rottie’s shed might be a problem because it is a lot. You should prepare yourself with a lint roller if you want to keep the dog of this breed.

Rottweiler enjoys interacting with a human, and they might be very playful and agile, so a narrow place does not suit them. Nevertheless, a Rottweiler needs to be introduced first before they can get along with a new person.


WeimaranerWeimaraner is a large dog breed. In the past, they used to be a hunter’s companion to take down a big game. Their hunting nature might still linger in their gene, so if you mind your dog to hunt for little animals, you would be better to choose a different breed. But with proper training, that behavior can be corrected.

Look for the right ways of training dog. Weimaraner is not difficult to train with reward method, yet it is better to know what is the most efficient reward game. contains the information you are looking for. There you will learn how relationship and intimacy is the key to the training, how rigid and hard drill might not be good in all situations. There is plenty of dog-training related knowledge that you can find on the site.

Weimaraner likes to play and is very energetic. But a simple walk in the park, ball throw & catch game, or regular frisbee are enough to keep the dog busy and excited.

Weimaraner coat is easy to maintained and be kept healthy. Just like the Rottweiler, Weimaraner requires scheduled nail trim, and coat brushing. But Weimaraner’s long nose and mouth structure make them drool easily. So perhaps, you need to mind those characteristics.


DachshundDachshund used to be a hunting dog also. The breed is capable of tracking a wild boar or other games. This nature makes the dog a perfect watchdog.

Because Dachshund is not a large breed, it can well adapt to living in a small place. But the breed needs human attention as much as it can, so living it for a long time is not a wise move.

Dachshund adapts well to its environment, but cannot stand cold weather. During the sunny day, the dog might ask you to take it for a walk. Playfulness is also a characteristic of a Dachshund, and hat can make the dog a good companion too besides a watchdog.

Dachshund is not an outdoor dog because, at night, they might not survive the cold. But their coat and fur are very easy to take care.